Leonardo on Painting. Lavinia Fontana (August 24 1552-August 11 1614) was an Italian painter. We have learned that his web site has now been taken down and the Dear Ms. Celalettin, Lavinia Fontana (Bolonia, bautizada el 24 de agosto de 1552-Roma, 11 de agosto de 1614) fue una pintora italiana del primer barroco.Fue una de las pintoras más importantes de su época, dirigió su propio taller [1] y fue pintora oficial de la corte del papa Clemente VIII.. 'Pine Cones' The red knot that is placed on the instrument was a symbol of love and betrothal at the time, which can also tie into Fontana’s interest in maintaining social decorum. Whether she is preparing to write or draw is not evident, but this ambiguity portrays her as artistic, intellectual and creative all at the same time. Lavinia Fontana est l'unique enfant de Prospero Fontana et d'Antonia de' Bonardis. (3). As an art historian who is interested in female artists, I am particularly intrigued by the way that Lavinia Fontana chose to depict herself in self-portraits. Lavinia Fontana was an Italian painting who was known as the first female painter to paint female nudes. • 1577 : Autoportrait au clavicorde accompagné d'une servante, Accademia Nazionale di San Luca, Rome. Lavinia Fontana : le triomphe au féminin Un nouveau pas en avant s’accomplit sous le pinceau de Lavinia Fontana (1552–1614). New Haven: Yale University, 1989, 35-37. Artemisia Gentileschi, Self-Portrait as the Allegory of Painting, 1630s, Royal Collection. 28 déc. Lavinia FONTANA, "L'homme sauvage" Histoire & Image, L2 Histoire Lyon Nous traiterons ici, à partir du portrait de Tognina Gonsalvus peint par Lavinia Fontana, de la vie de l'artiste et de la signification du tableau, aussi en le replaçant dans une plus large perspective des représentations de ces raretés de la nature, mi-hommes mi-animaux, dont l'iconographie est remplie à l'époque moderne. See Liana De Girolami Cheney, et. Mar 16, 2015 - Find and follow posts tagged lavinia fontana on Tumblr. Renaud Camus has uploaded 25965 photos to Flickr. Hello Monica, L’autoportrait suppose en principe l’utilisation d’un miroir, instrument qui se développe à partir du XVe siècle. Influenced by painters such as Ludovico Carracci and Sofonisba Anguissola and a practicer of Italian mannerist style, Fontana became highly successful with her detailed and delicate portraits. L'attention qu'elle porte au détail rappelle le travail d'une autre représentante de la Renaissance originair… Explore. Since Renaissance women weren’t always in control of how they were portrayed in art (women were often depicted by male artists), I like to see how a female artist represented herself when she did have control over her image. She is regarded as the first woman artist, working within the same sphere as her male counterparts, outside a court or convent. The red knot is also discussed in Caroline P. Murphy, Lavinia Fontana: A Painter and her Patrons in Sixteenth-century Bologna (New Haven and London, 2003), 41–3. This might account for why the musical pages are tilted up at an angle, so they can be easily seen by the viewer. I will let you know if anything comes of it. Lavinia Fontana, born in Bologna in 1552 to Prospero Fontana, became one of the most popular Italian painters of her time. Lavina Fontana naît le 24 août 1552 à Bologne. 29 mars 2018 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Dmitriy Makeev. Although I appreciate your writing on Lavinia Fontana. I assumed that she is bringing music for Lavinia to play. I have seen the “wedding” portrait first time several months ago, and was intrigued by the role of the servant. 2 (2004): 251-256. (1988): 4-30. (21). She can’t be helping Lavinia, because in that case the music would stand before the eyes of the player, so what then? incorrect it was not Bohn, but I, who was the first scholar to observe, associate, and published on the red knot on the clavichord as a symbol of love. bobconsoli@gmail.com. This site focuses on her portraits. Renaud Camus has uploaded 26082 photos to Flickr. Her face, which looks forward openly, has strong features and clear skin. (7), The musical instrument itself is a symbol both of love and financial status. 2014 - Découvrez le tableau "Lavinia Fontana" de Mori Mori sur Pinterest. 5 Bohn, 254. Although I am hopeful that the job market for women in academia is ever-improving (and equalizing), I think many women still feel cautious in how they present themselves in the academic world (in order to keep a competitive edge against men). Lavinia Fontana: Liste d'œuvres - Toutes les œuvres par date 1→10. Ms. Celalettin has written back to me just now and this is what she has to say: Thank you for reaching out to me and for the condolances, Hasan Niyazi is my brother. . Fontana presents herself as a confident and fairly attractive woman. An email notification will be sent whenever a new post appears on this site. 28 Jun. Did she welcome the idea of marrying into a high status family or did she find them pompous bores? 40. Née à Bologne en 1552, Lavinia Fontana étudie la peinture maniériste auprès de son père, Prospero Fontana (1512 env.-1597), représentant mineur de l'école bolognaise. Lavinia Fontana (Bologne 1552 – Rome 1614) Vénus et l’amour 1592, Huile sur toile l Dépôt de l’Etat, 1874 l Inv. Maybe the servant’s actions are less important in comparison to the fact that she is bringing printed music (i.e. Lavinia Fontana se forme dans l'atelier de son père, où elle rencontre les artistes et les mécènes de la ville [2]. Few artists, especially women artists, would risk expressing their true feelings in writing. My problem is that it is difficult for us to establish what the artist’s true values were. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème peintres italiens, femme peintre, mode renaissance. Lavinia Fontana, “Self-Portrait at the Spinet,” 1577. Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

. Lavinia Fontana se forme dans l'atelier de son père, où elle rencontre [2]. Print. I’m sure that I could be responsible for any reasonable hosting UPDATE: Since writing this initial post in 2011, I have written more about Lavinia Fontana’s “Self-Portrait” for the Ciacón collection elsewhere on my blog: “Lavinia Fontana’s ‘Self-Portrait’ and Gender.”. Thank you for this interesting post about Fontana’s self-portraits. While emphasizing good social status was important for all painters during the Renaissance, it was especially important for females whose self portraits were often the first image seen by their future husbands. Also, because this portrait would be presented next to Sophonisba’s, Fontana most likely attempted to keep up with or even outdo her contemporary. Once again, Fontana is careful in how she has presented herself (in order to meet societal expectations). 2 Bohn, Babette. Quand elle épouse, en 1557, le peintre Gian Paolo Zappi, son talent est déjà reconnu et elle réalise les portraits de notables de Bologne. Selle eelvaate suurus: 524 × 600 pikslit. Autoportrait (1600), Lavinia Fontana Minerve s'Habillant (1613), Lavinia Fontana Envoyer par e-mail BlogThis! Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. She is one of my favourites! She continued on to create devotional pieces in larger scale and was successful until her death in 1614 at the age of 62. Lavinia Fontana, Autoportrait (1588) Une autre artiste (re)connue s’adonne aux autoportraits délégués : Lavinia Fontana. I am currently in the process of restoring the content of 3pipe.net, I was lacking the technical knowledge but have now found someone to assist with that. musical notation) to Lavinia, which ultimately stresses Lavinia’s education as one who can read music? See also Babette Bohn, “Female Self-Portraiture in Early Modern Bologna,” in Renaissance Studies 18, no. Lavinia Fontana, The Holy Family with Saint Catherine of Alexandria, 1581. Vintage Art. Perhaps Fontana truly valued virginity before marriage.. or perhaps she thought it was an absurd, sexist concept. Autoportrait. Artemisia Gentileschi , Autoportrait comme allégorie de la peinture , années 1630, Collection royale . As Catherine King points out that in terms of self-portraiture, “the act of showing oneself to another was very different for a young woman than it was for a young man.”4 Hence, female artists needed to be careful in how they presented themselves in portraits. Lavinia Fontana’s Self-Portrait and Gender Lavinia Fontana, Self Portrait In a Tondo, 1579 Lavinia Fontana’s self-portrait from 1579 has long been of interest to me. ), musée du château d'Udine, Frioul-Vénétie julienne, vendredi 26 août 2011, Explore Renaud Camus' photos on Flickr. Re your note that Fontana was careful in how she had presented herself, in order to meet societal expectations. Lavinia Fontana, Self-portrait at the Clavichord with a Servant, 1577. Le Jour ni l'Heure 3744 : Lavinia Fontana Zappi, 1552-1614, autoportrait (? Mr. Niyazi was a gifted art historian and researcher and made many contributions to the Renaud Camus has uploaded 26082 photos to Flickr. (15) However, Fontana’s self portrait provides an allusion to artistic labor, with the placement of the easel behind her, a reminder of her artistic background and interests. 6 Name also appears in art history texts as Alonso Chaçon and Alfonso Chacon. Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA. This portrait is a tondo painted on copper (1579) and was created expressly for placement in a collection. Nov 26, 2018 - Explore Gordana Kotur's board "lavinia fontana" on Pinterest. London: Ashgate/Scolar Press, 2000, p. 60 (revised. Lavinia Fontana, Autoportrait (1588) Une autre artiste (re)connue s’adonne aux autoportraits délégués : Lavinia Fontana. Web. Fontana's innovative Self-Portrait Making Music with a Maid-servant differs considerably from the image projected by her old-er counterpart, Sofonisba … Follow the links above for analysis and research on specific paintings. 1) ou encore Artemisia Gentileschi15 qui se représentent en musiciennes. 6. The present picture is a fine studio replica of the earliest known self-portrait by Lavinia Fontana, painted in 1575 and now preserved in a private Roman collection (M.T. On the other hand, the musical instrument also indicates an awareness of the relationship between musical talent and artistic capability. “Female Self-portraiture in early modern Bologna.” Renaissance Studies. Unsurprisingly, virginity was highly desired by prospective husbands at the time, but I think that Fontana mentions her virginity to fit further societal expectations. Continuing the family business was typical at the time. Excellent post, which I didn’t see the first time. (23) Still, historians and critics look to Self Portrait at the Keyboard and Self Portrait in the Studiolo as the primary self portraits of a woman who may have been the most talented professional woman portrait painter in Bologna. Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1925, RT @WMGallery: Are you thinking about learning a new skill during lockdown? ), musée du château d'Udine, Frioul-Vénétie julienne, vendredi 26 août 2011, Explore Renaud Camus' photos on Flickr. Lavinia Fontana’s portrait of Antonietta Gonzalez c. 1595. Washington: DC: New Academia, 2009). -Self Portraits-   -Noblewomen-   -Gozzadini Family Portrait-   -Tognina Gonzales-   -Extended Bibliography-    Although I don’t feel that I experience the same difficulties as women in the Renaissance period, I experience an element of self-awareness when I need to portray myself (either visually or in writing). Le cadeau a été envoyé à l'occasion de la proposition de mariage, célébré le 13 Février 1577. She wears a dress in the traditional color of Bolognese wedding dresses and is covered in coral, gold and pearled jewelry. Fontana looks confident and comfortable in her environment, even though this is the only self-portrait from the sixteenth century in which a female is seem studying the antique nude. As I have been writing this post and thinking about Fontana, I’ve come to a realization as to why I am drawn to female self-portraits. (10). Please note: JavaScript is required to post comments. I hope Lavinia was able to continue to express her individuality in spite of societal obligations. Le Jour ni l'Heure 3744 : Lavinia Fontana Zappi, 1552-1614, autoportrait (?

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