30 Portgas D. Ace Art. Funko is one … 5 (One Piece): Zur Manga/Anime-Reihe "One Piece" kommt diese detailreiche Portgas D. Ace PVC Statue aus Banpresto's "Treasure Cruise World Journey" - Linie. He also fights against Garp’s wishes constantly, and after having been taken by the Whitebeard pirates, he tries over a hundred times to kill Whitebeard. Multiship & multiverse. Funko Pop 98 Monkey D Luffy One Piece $ 700. en. 23. Jozu | Silvers Rayleigh | This article's list of people may not follow Wikipedia's verifiability policy. Please improve this article by removing names that do not have independent reliable sources showing they merit inclusion in this article AND are members of this list, or by incorporating the relevant publications into the body of the article through appropriate citations. Ace does not appear to be readily distracted, and is not usually oblivious. After hearing about Sabo's presumed death at the hands of a World Noble, Ace quickly became bent on killing the Noble and Dadan had to pin Ace down and tie him to a tree to stop him. Ace for the most part has been described as a mature version than his younger brother and slight more bearable. Figura Accion One Piece Monkey D. Luffy 30 Cm Nueva $ 1,490. en. Nekomamushi | Eorzea Collection is where you can share your personal glamours and browse through an extensive collection of looks for your Final Fantasy XIV character. He also tried to kill Whitebeard at least a hundred times despite the massive difference in strength between them and each of his attempts failing miserably. Such an example was when Luffy innocently followed Ace onto an old rope bridge and Ace (being greatly annoyed by his presence) knocked Luffy off the bridge and into the ravine. He became infamous and even refusing to become a Shichibukai. Though Buggy's crew wanted to capture him, Buggy forbade it, knowing that Whitebeard would not hesitate to take revenge. With a personality that matches the wind, this pirate is bound to cause a hurricane once let loose! Like so many at the time, Buggy was shocked to see Ace fall to Admiral Akainu. Even though he managed to escape death on the scaffold thanks to the pirates' and Luffy's efforts at Marineford and was well on his way to freedom, Admiral Akainu got to him by insulting Whitebeard. Birthday: Unwilling to let him get away of speaking ill of Whitebeard, Ace attacked him out of fury only to have his arm burned by Akainu's Devil Fruit powers. They had planned to become pirates by saving money to buy a pirate ship, a joint attempt that began five years before Luffy followed Ace to the Gray Terminal and to Sabo. Luffy comments on how he never defeated Ace in a single fight, despite Luffy already having the power of the Gomu Gomu no Mi (Ace did not consume the Mera Mera no Mi until after he left: Luffy was surprised by Ace's new power when Ace stopped Smoker from capturing him in Nanohana). While several people who knew Gol D. Roger noted Luffy is quite similar to the late King of the Pirates, Whitebeard himself claimed that Ace's personality was not at all like his father's. This changed when he developed respect for Luffy and when Ace truly did die. His bounty, being at 550,000,000 before his death, was the highest amount revealed in the series before the timeskip. The two initially started on cold terms when Deuce continued to turn down Ace's approaches to be friends, which was further strained when he learned that Ace was the son of the Pirate King. -_- Here's several fact about him that make me love him more *winks~* 1.He's Hot. After learning how lonely Luffy was, Ace warmed up to him, but got annoyed whenever Luffy cried. Hobby Inuarashi | Kozuki Momonosuke | They respected each others choices despite their differences and understood that the other was strong enough to look after himself. Sanji | Benn Beckman | At one point, while being captain of the Spade Pirates, he was even asked to join the Shichibukai but refused. The now-iconic Portgas D. Ace wasn’t the original name for him. He tended to randomly fall asleep while eating and conversing, leaving strangers around him wondering if he had died. 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Caboose | Sheila | Batgirl | Spider-Girl | Sanji | Rock Lee | Broly (Dragon Ball Super) |, DBX combatants Personality. One Piece Banpresto World Figure Colosseum Monkey Luffy Lfdj $ 900. en. It was revealed that Ace received an invitation to join the Shichibukai while he was still captain of the Spade Pirates, though he refused the offer. Anime When he boarded Buggy's ship, he was drawn by the smell of food and decided to enjoy himself while he was there. Portgas D. Ace† | !Portgas D Ace the first reason why i diligently checking over every one piece new comic. Marco | Meaning: Gloriosa | Rockstar, Kozuki Clan/Nine Red Scabbards Pōtogasu Dī Ēsu 20[7] Bentham | January 1st[8][9] Indie & canon divergent Portgas D Ace RP blog. Kozuki Momonosuke | If you do not wish to know vital information on plot / character elements in a story, you may not wish to read beyond this warning: We hold no responsibility for any negative effects these facts may have on your enjoyment of said media should you continue. Age at Death: As the son of Roger, he lived in his shadow and is to date the first D. depicted to truly question his own right to exist, while displaying the fewest commonly seen D. related traits. Noted examples included trying to stab Whitebeard in his sleep or chopping him down with an axe from behind. Colubo (former) Personality. Raised alongside his adoptive brothers Luffy and Sabo, Ace eventually left out on his own to become a pirate Captain. 196 Portgas D. Ace HD Wallpapers und Hintergrundbilder. When she almost drowned, Ace threw her a life preserver, causing her to change her view about him. Ace demonstrated his strength during his battle with Blackbeard: he was able to take Blackbeard's punches, which were so powerful that the first made Ace cough up blood and the second nearly broke his neck, and retaliate. Ace later came to see that his stubbornness had gotten him into the ordeal of being scheduled for execution. While his little brother Monkey D. Luffy has been noted to be similar to his late father Gol. Once Teach betrayed Whitebeard, Ace personally chose to hunt down for killing Thatch. Kin'emon | 250 Penggemar. Acak makasih 1k like nembaknya jam 6 gas Despite this scuffle, the two eventually became friends who deeply respected each other. Introduction • Personality and Relationships • Abilities and Powers • History • Misc. Ace was also easily provoked by and became a violent child towards anyone who insulted or harmed people close to him. Yamato had met Ace at some point in the past and had tried to sail out of Wano with him, but was kept prisoner on Onigashima due to the explosive handcuffs. Jozu | Affiliations: However, Luffy did not grow up with knowledge of the identity (or even the existence) of his father. Attracted by the "very strong and sweet scent" of food, Ace boarded the ship unnoticed and proceeded to help himself - Buggy did not notice his presence until, upon hearing Buggy and Alvida say that they were in pursuit of Luffy but had no clue where he was, Ace offered to give them some helpful information. Envío gratis. In fact, he is one of the few people to talk down on his own biological father. Ace's epitaph says: ". Ace died without ever knowing that Sabo was alive the entire time. He was trained with his adoptive brothers Monkey D. Luffy and Sabo. Marco | Donquixote Rosinante† | Portgas D Ace (@portgas0101) on TikTok | 121 Likes. Ace also supported Mihar's passion for helping children. Van Augur noted that, as expected of the Whitebeard Pirates 2nd division commander, Ace's basic combat skills were quite formidable even without his Devil Fruit powers.Aside from the powers granted by the Devil Fruit he consumed, Ace possessed immense physical strength. Vivo Diez Well-Known Member. We do not expect any further shipments of this item and are keeping it on our website for informational purposes only. Ace commented upon his own death that he had never sought fame or fortune - all he had wanted was the answer to his lifelong question of whether or not he should have been born, as this was the only thing preventing him from dying with no regrets as he and Luffy had vowed to do so and the fact he had a younger brother to look out for. Join Facebook to connect with Ace Kirkland and others you may know. )[6] Ace was a intelligent, polite and caring man. Franky | The elements of their Logia Devil Fruits canceled each other out, and neither of them were able to gain the upper hand even though Ace was just trying to gain some time for the Straw Hats to get away. 196 Portgas D. Ace HD Wallpapers and Background Images. They shared a strong bond that inspired Tama to became a Kunoichi. Bounty: Ace's main enemy was Marshall D. Teach, also known as "Blackbeard". The crew took a liking to Ace and questioned if he and Luffy were related given the former's politeness. We all love luffy, and we also know that he doesn't really have one favourite among his crew. Viola | He disagreed with Garp and remains grounded on the idea that becoming Marines would not have been possible when both of their fathers were world class criminals. 13 Ele foi adotado por Monkey D. Garp como desejado por Roger para ele antes de seu nascimento.14 Ace era o comandante da 2ª divisão dos Piratas do Barba … The second was that he did a "dine and dash" routine wherever he went. He lead their (Sabo, Luffy and Ace) gang, another reason why he was a role model for Luffy. Buggy also told Luffy that he was very upset when he heard the news of Ace's scheduled execution. Shanks | Edward Newgate† | He also ensured Luffy had a way of meeting up with him by giving him a Vivre Card. At one point he warned him to stop abusing Luffy going as so far to call him an "old piece of crap". Dwayne Tan When Ace found Kotatsu injured from a poacher's trap, he saved the lynx. Enemies Ace is a very outgoing man, he’s surrounded by countless friends and comrades - and he constantly makes new ones. Portgas D. Ace,12 nascido como Gol D. Ace6 e apelidado de Ace dos Punhos de Fogo,4 foi o irmão mais velho adotivo de Luffy7 e Sabo, e filho do falecido Rei dos Piratas, Gol D. Roger e sua amante, Portgas D. Rouge. Baterilla (former) Mt. Just like Shanks. Eorzea Collection is where you can share your personal glamours and browse through an extensive collection of looks for your Final Fantasy XIV character. Ace was also shown to be quite impulsive, much like his younger brother, as he too would make hasty decisions and, in some cases, neglect listening to reason. Toggle navigation Art Abyss. After Ace promised to return to visit her, Tama waited for him despite the terrible living conditions caused by the Beasts Pirates. 29 Images 188 Avatars 4 Gifs 78 Covers Sorting Options (currently: Highest Rated) Finding Art. Item condition is: Brand New, never opened. The Emperor Shanks, was on relatively good terms with Ace, who seemed to greatly respect him primarily for his role in saving his adoptive younger brother, Luffy, from the Lord of the Coast during the incident with Higuma. Chapter 154; Episode 91[1] Although Ace resented his father, he brutally beat up anyone who spoke ill of him. "Portgas D. Ace" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. Kuzan‡ | The World Government, after discovering that Ace was the son of Gol D. Roger, desired to execute him but was unable to touch him due to Ace joining Whitebeard's crew. Ace later came to see that his stubbornness had gotten him into the ordeal of being scheduled for execution. Eorzea Collection is where you can share your personal glamours and browse through an extensive collection of looks for your Final Fantasy XIV character. This went back to his younger days with Sabo and Luffy, when they would often dine and dash in the city of Goa, and carried over to adulthood, as shown on three occasions when he was on Drum Island, Arabasta, and Lulusia Kingdom. Devil Fruit Ace's birthday, January 1, comes from his name since Ace is the first card in the deck. Paulie | When Ace's Vivre Card in Luffy's possession began to burn, Nami was concerned about Ace's well-being. Later, he became the 2nd division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. It appeared that Ace shared a similar fate with Nico Robin and Luffy - his sole existence was a sin to the World Government, being the child of the "world's greatest evil". At Thriller Bark, Franky was excited to see Ace himself. He also loved to sit next to Ace, as his captain's Devil Fruit abilities kept him warm.[14]. One of the most shocking moments in the anime, is when in One Piece Ace dies. Whitebeard Pirates;[2] Spade Pirates (former);[3] Dadan Family (former); Impel Down (former) 100% Authenthic / Original Funko Product Guaranteed! Origin Rouge. ... the beloved older sister of Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace. Available in following format:Obj,Mtl, FBX,Stl Portgas D. Ace, born as Gol D. Ace and nicknamed "Fire Fist Ace", was the adoptive older brother of Monkey D. Luffy and Sabo, and the son of the late Pirate King Gol D. Roger and his late lover Portgas D Rouge. Akainu was able to burn Ace and eventually kill him. This also demonstrates Se/Ni singular goal orientation and focus. Ace first intervened to protect Luffy from Smoker in Nanohana. Ace commented upon his own death that he had never sought fame or fortune - all he had wanted was the answer to his lifelong question of whether or not he should have been born, as this was the only thing preventing him from dying with no regrets as he and Luffy had vowed to do so and the fact he had a younger brother to look out for. Straw Hat Pirates Ace was already very strong when he left his hometown, three years before Luffy did the same. Also like his father and brother, Ace was confident and fearless when confronting his opponents even when they were extremely powerful people such as Whitebeard or admirals like Aokiji or Akainu, though like Luffy, he could also underestimate his opponents. Smoker | This caused him to be surprised and shocked that Whitebeard would easely accept him in his crew despite him being the son of Whitebeard's rival and that the entire Whitebeard Pirates' crew and allies and Luffy would risk their lives in order to save him. Ace quickly turned back to face him, ignoring his crewmates' warnings to not become angered over Akainu's provocations. "Fire Fist" Ace (火拳のエース, Hiken no Ēsu? He has the mera-mera no mi devil fruit which allowed him to manipulate flames in battle. Portgas D. Ace (ポートガス・D・エース, Pōtogasu D. Ēsu), born as Gol D. Ace (ゴール・D・エース, Gōru D. Ēsu) and nicknamed "Fire Fist" Ace (火拳のエース, Hiken no Ēsu), is both a fictional character and tritagonist of the One Piece series. Though they were not related by blood, they were still bound by a brotherly bond. Smoker | Report Story. When Sabo sacrificed his happiness to save Ace's and Luffy's lives from his father's wrath, Ace decided to forget Sabo for the moment, thinking that if Sabo would be happy, then he and Luffy should be proud. When Ace set out to become a pirate, she was sulking when she heard Ace's message that he was grateful to her. Travis WillinghamChris Burnett (young) Ace and his brother, Luffy, were very close as children and remained so as pirates, even after more than three years of separation. Bepo | It is revealed that Thatch was one of the first of Whitebeard's crew to interact with him and they appear to have been good friends. Curly Dadan, a mountain bandit who was blackmailed by Garp, became the foster mother for Ace and Luffy. When Blackbeard demonstrated the power of the Yami Yami no Mi, Ace was unfazed, not viewing it as a threat to himself and only showed shock and fear when Teach used his power to grab him and cancel his Devil Fruit powers. Submit; Cool Stuff; Login; Register; Art Abyss Portgas D. Ace. He was one of the few people to be able to take a "baptizing" in boiling water in Impel Down without flinching, which is considered an impressive feat. Bartolomeo | 12x $ 70. Even so, Whitebeard took responsibility for Ace's decision and claimed that it was under his orders that Ace went after Blackbeard. In addition, Ace liked to party as much as his adoptive little brother does. That is all. It seems that among the very few things the brothers shared was their recklessness as pirates (and their near … During a talk with Garp, Ace brought up the fact that both he and Luffy share the blood of infamous criminals. Ace's back tattoo is left intact in the English version of the dub despite 4Kids' previous edits to crosses. Flame-Flame Fruit (Viz, FUNimation);Flare-Flare Fruit (4Kids) Monkey D. Dragon | Occupations: It was by then Ace realized too late that he had the wrong man, which got him into a lot of trouble with the villagers. Ace Kirkland is on Facebook. FREE SHIPPING on eligible purchases. Ace tended to portray a typical good-big-brother behavior, such as asking the Straw Hat crew to keep an eye on his little brother. Edward Newgate† | Hatchan | To protect Luffy and Whitebeard Ace was a intelligent, polite and caring man. He was certainly overconfident and loved his brother Luffy more than anything. Ace's protectiveness of his brother was seen again when both the Whitebeard Pirates and Luffy had invaded Marineford in order to save him and he told Luffy to turn back. Ace's only regret was that he would not live to see Luffy achieve his dream, which he believed Luffy undoubtedly would accomplish as he was his little brother. Vice Admiral Garp adopted Ace as a favor to Roger to give Ace a life free of the prejudice of being born from a family of pirates. Boa Sandersonia | She attacked his crew several times since then, but Ace easily dealt with her with no grudges. Shirahoshi | There’s something in his exceptional charisma that makes people cling to him, regardless of their age, gender, social status or personality. He was adopted by Monkey D. Garp as wished by Roger to him before his birth. For the other member of the family, see Portgas D. Ace. If I just live through today, that'll be enough." A free time illustrator | Connect with them on Dribbble; the global community for designers and creative professionals. There were two running gags about Ace. WARNING: This article contains major spoilers. Whitebeard insisted that Ace should not to go after him, yet Ace, despite his immense loyalty and respect for his captain, ignored his warnings and went off to find his former subordinate. Denjiro, Others Ace seemed to have lifelong problems dealing with his parentage, even after denouncing Gol D. Roger and accepting Whitebeard as his only father. Dexter Grif | Dick Simmons | Michael J. Caboose | Epsilon | Church | Sarge | Sparx | Aku Aku. Portgas D Ace _____ _____ "I don't wanna live a thousand years. Ace can be best described as a hothead who is very persistent much like his younger brother, Luffy. Yamato | Shanks showed some concern for Ace upon learning that he was in pursuit of Blackbeard. After Ace stopped Draw's assault, Ace offered her a spot in his crew but she declined and parted ways with him on good terms.[14]. Portgas D. Ace (ポートガス・D・エース, Pōtogasu Dī Ēsu), also called "Fire Fist" Ace (火拳のエース, Hiken no Ēsu), is the second division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and Luffy's older brother.

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